Cotton Futon Mattress Twin Size


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This cotton futon mattress is a comfortable, yet firm multi-purpose mattress that will help you keep your back healthy, mind, and body well-rested. Not to mention that it does not take up much room and is extremely portable.
EXTRA PADDING – This variation of the Japanese Futon Shiki has more padding than any of our other futons for those who want more padding.
BACK HEALTH – These twin futons are somewhat thin so you do not sleep on a fully padded surface. You are sleeping on a firm surface which aligns your spine that leads to less back pains and less back problems.
COMFORTABLE AND PORTABLE – The traditional Japanese futon mattress is also called Shiki futon and it is very comfortable to sleep in, despite being thin layered. It can even be used as a yoga or meditation mat since it can be folded easily. Since it is also lightweight you can pack it and use it for travelling, camping, and outings.
EXPANSION – Please allow this Shikibuton 3 full days minimum to expand completely. Seeing that it is packed air tight, it needs some time come around to full form and size.

Twin Size
39” W x 83” L
Overall Product Weight
10.25 lb.
2.5″ Thickness
Overall Thickness